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An eco-friendly cloud

An ecologic approach to present and future computing needs. Let's start sharing A couple weeks ago, Zachary Chase Lipton wrote an excellent post explaining an economic argument for virtualization and hardware sharing as a means to better utilize hardware resources. With that idea in mind, we can also see that virtualization is... Read more

The economics of virtualization

Over the last several years, the term cloud has become ubiquitous. It's even come to refer to activities that far predate its coinage. Email is in the cloud. Your voice mail is stored in the cloud. Perhaps your company offers or licenses collaborative productivity tools which live in the cloud. Of course,... Read more

How CrunchBase uses

In his talk Behind the Scenes with CrunchBase - The Tech Behind the "Business Graph" at the AWS Pop-Up Loft, Will Kessler, Head of Mobile at CrunchBase, talked about why and how they use At CrunchBase, having a fresh dataset is key for manual and automated QA. Using's... Read more vs Heroku

Heroku has chosen a completely different approach to cloud hosting than we have. While is all about the direct access, Heroku platform has a high level of abstraction. With Heroku you don't get root access or SSH access[1], but instead there is the heroku command and the Heroku web... Read more

Why consultants love

Software consultants can benefit significantly from using Though we're also a cloud hosting provider, is very different from other providers such as Amazon. Why? You can... Quickly spin up new computing environments Easily replicate such environments including running processes Scale RAM and CPU up and down on the... Read more vs Amazon Cloud

Amazon is a well-established cloud hosting provider and we've been getting questions about what offers that Amazon Cloud doesn't. This post will cover some of the differences. First, understand that the two services work well together. Many of our customers host some of their code and data on Amazon, and... Read more